Shade Cloth

“Keep Cool with Tent City Canvas House!”

Shade Cloth

Keep your crops cool…

Our shade cloth as a agricultural tent is perfect for those hot summer days when you don’t want your crops to bake. Tent City shade cloth can keep your crops up to 12% cooler while still allowing in enough sunlight to promote growth and it stores easily.

Give your livestock a break with shade cloth!

Easily build a shady oasis for your livestock to take a break from the sun using Tent City agricultural tent. It also keeps your cattle from becoming dehydrated using Tent City cloth structures can help increase milk production.


Protect your fruit from birds!

Looking for a great way to keep harmful birds from stealing your fruit? Try canvasing your trees and vines with Tent City shade cloth! Pesky birds won’t be able to get through the shade cloth allowing your fruit crops to yield their maximum potential.

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